Maildir ownership


After a clean installation of Virtualmin on a CentOS 5, and after adding few domains and some email accounts I noticed that the Maildir folders for all accounts have the ownership of the domain user (domain) instead of email account user (user.domain), thing that determined Dovecot to report permissions errors in the logs. I fixed this by changing the ownership, then I noticed that spamassassin was giving some errors about not being able to write in /home/domain/homes/user/.spamassassin folder. I fixed this too.

Anyway, I was expecting that every new email account to work right away, so I’m thinking that maybe I’m missing something important here. Any idea is appreciated. Thanks,


Yeah, that shouldn’t happen.

Did you use to install?

I’m having a hard time thinking of what settings would cause this behavior, as I can’t think of any reason for it to be a desired behavior (so I can’t imagine we’d add a feature to make it possible). :wink:

Is this GPL or Professional? I want to try to reproduce this.

It seems that it was my fault though. I created the users using the command line API and I assume that I forgot something there. I just tested again, from command line and from control panel and the ownership is setup correct.
I still have some questions about spamaassasin run independently or through spamc, but I’ll dig myself in this and I’ll be back if I can’t figure out. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.