Maildir/ created as /Maildir/ on root filesystem


Virtualmin works fine so far, but creating administrator Maildir/ style mailboxes fails, if I create a mail-enable domain, Virtualmin creates the Maildir on the top root file system as /Maildir, not in the user home directory.

The user details under “Virtual server administration user’s mailbox details” is fine:


But the directory gets created as /Maildir

For Webmin users and groups /home is specified as home directory. /home soft links to /cluster/home

Virtualmin 3.56 on CentOS 5


home_mailbox = Maildir/

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Additional mail users get thje correct Maildir under /cluster/home/, only the administrator user gets the Maildir created under the / root.

Very strange.

Has no one some idea on debuging the problem?

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So it sounds like Virtualmin is maybe confused about where homes are? I dunno. I’ve never seen this issue.

What’s in the “Home directory base” setting in Virtualmin’s Module configuration? (If it’s “from users and groups”, we’ll want to know that too). This can be found in the “Defaults for new domains section”.