Mailboxes for the Domain of an Alias Server

I installed Virtualmin to a fresh Debian 5.0 server with ldap support.
How can i create Mailboxes (and maybe but not so important at the moment Ftp-Users)
which use the Domain of an Alias server?
I created a Virtual Server for some domain.tld and later added an Alias Server domain2.tld to it.
When i activate the Alias Server the menu for “Edit Mail and FTP Users” is missing.
As i´m new to all that virtualmin stuff i´ve got no idea if or which configs would be helpful to post here.
I´m not really happy with the Mail alias mode Catchall forwarding because i would like to
have mailboxes for all domains.

Thanks so far


ps.: I already used the search feature of this forum and read already dozens of threads which
could fit to my problem but i did not find anything what would help me.


Not sure if this is what you are after or not, but…

I have my main domain, I have another domain, that is aliased to

I have not defined any mailboxes, users, etc. for…however, if anyone sends a message to “”, that automatically ends up in the mailbox of “

For what it is worth, if “” tries to log in to my FTP server, that doesn’t work…they have to log in as “” I am using VSFTP for my FTP server.

I also believe that if “” attempts to log in to my webmail (I use RoundCube), once again access is denied, and they have to log in as “”.

Does that help?

  • Acorp

Acorp, thanks for reply.
I think you describe the actual standard behavior of virtualmin.
My problem is that i have an uglylongname.tld because nicename.tld was in use by
someone else. After nicename.tld was free again i bought it and now i want to have
nicename.tld as mailbox and login but i also want to be able to choose freely
the domain for new mailboxes as well. I´m missing some kind of dropdown
where i can choose all domains i have in a virtual server.

I migrated from an handmade solution with postfix and mysql where i could
create mailboxes with any domain i wanted to.
I was able to login into my mailbox with every domain i had.

So i still wonder how i can manage this with virtualmin and hope somebody can help.




Yeah, unfortunately, I don’t know that you’re going to be able to do what you’re after.

When you setup an email alias, all that does is create a link within the Postfix virtual file (or potentially the aliases file) telling Postfix what system account to deliver email to.

However, when Postfix, Dovecot, and/or Saslauthd perform authentication, they aren’t looking at the virtual or aliases file, they’re looking for valid Linux system accounts.

Also, in regards to adding a Virtual Server alias – I don’t believe that’s going to function in the way you’re after either. The Alias Servers don’t come with the ability to create email accounts within them – they simply forward all email to the primary Virtual Server.

In your case – it sounds like what you’d need to do is a bit of refactoring of your setup there :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could create “nicename.tld” as a new top-level Virtual Server, migrate your users and websites over to it, then delete “uglylongname.tld” as a top-level Virtual Server, and re-create it as an alias of “nicename.tld”.

Another way to do that might be to just use the “Rename Domain” feature – and rename uglylongname.tld to nicename.tld, which would prevent you from having to migrate anything.

At that point, you could just create uglylongname.tld as an Alias Server.