mail user name in postfix


I created a virtual server and I notice that the user are been created as Is it possible to have the users created without this sufix (.domain) or is this the virtualmin way to work?

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Hi Alano,

There’s two areas you may want to tweak for that:

  1. In System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> Mail for Domain – and from there you can change "Format for usernames that include domain".

  2. System Settings -> Module Config -> Defaults for New Domains – there’s several options in there that may be of interest.

Hi Andrey,

thank you for your answer.

Let me check if I understand, all user created for a domain have to combine user name plus domain name in one of those formats offered by Virtualmin to avoid a clash…Is it correct?

In Virtualmin, it is not possible to have two user with the same name for two distinct domain, for example: for a domain I would have a user name and for a domain I could have another user with the same name: Is it correct?

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Hi Alano,

That is correct – users are all added to /etc/passwd, and no two users can have the same name.

But you can have and, that is no problem – those are two completely different users.

Have a good one!

Hi Eric,

in that case of and, when they access the email with outlook express or the ftp site, they have to entry with the complete user name (joe.xpto1, joe.xpto2) or only joe?

Is it possible have only virtual user for the virtual server or at least for postfix?

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they have to entry with the complete user name (joe.xpto1, joe.xpto2) or only joe?

They need to enter the full user name. Always, no matter what client. (Actually, Usermin can manufacture the full username from the domain name and the first part of the name, but that’s not relevant to discussions about any other clients.)

The name is listed on the Virtualmin Edit Mail/FTP Users page. By default, it’ll be of the form joe.virtualmin (for joe in the domain, but this is wholly configurable.

Thank you Joe and Eric for your help