Mail to other mail server

I have installed virtualmin some time ago and configured some domains on it, including mail delivery and all.

Now for one domains the user want to use a different server for his e-mail. It is google apps. All works fine for the normal e-mail. I conffigured the DNS records at the domainregistrar. It’s all delivered on the new Google apps server. Only the mail that is created/send of the website on the virtualmin server it’s still delivered on the virtualmin server.

I thought it had something to do with internal DNS of virtualmin, but don’t know where to start. I already tried to disable mail delivery for that domain, but that doesn’t fix it.

Anyway how to correct this?


You’d also need to go into Edit Virtual Server, and disable the “Mail for Domain” feature for that domain.

After that, you should be in good shape!


That was the trick. I tried it, but just was to quick with checking it’s work. It took some time somehow before it worked fine.