Mail sort order messed up after migration

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version 1.984
Usermin version 1.834

I have just migrated an email box from my old host to my VPS server. The sort order of the emails now seems to be incorrect. Any new emails in the past day or so (since the migration) are sorted correctly, but then it jumps to emails from 2009 next. I know the emails between those dates are in the email box, as the mail count is correct and I can find them by a search.

In Usermin it defaults to this messed up sort order, but if I click the Sort/Sort by Date filter it then sorts correctly. In desktop mail apps (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc…) they sort by Date by default so the mails appear in the correct sort order.

On mobile devices (Apple iPhones) the issue persists as there is no way to sort by Date automatically. There is a setting “Newest mails at top” but this does not correct the issue.

I have searched and found this thread from a long time ago, it seems to be the same issue:
There seems to be no way to set a default sort order by Date in Usermin? Roundcube sorts the emails correctly by default.

Why are the emails not sorting in the default ‘order of received’ fashion they should be?

Ok if anyone is interested… I figured out the issue. There were just too many emails in the inbox to be displayed, over 30k. Guess the iPhone doesn’t like that, wasn’t able to display them all. Once I archived a massive chink of old emails the sort issue fixed itself…

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