Mail size not updating


For some time now, I have this problem:
Select a virtual server.
Edit Users
On the Mail size column, the values haven’t changed for quite some time.
For some email accounts, the “Mail size” is 10+ MB while there is no email in Inbox, Trash, Sent, or Draft.
Any clue how to fix this please?
quotas are working and displaying fine.

Thank you


Thar is a strange issue, I would check the file system under that user accounts directory in /home/DOMAIN/ then inside the mail folder (I’m not at a computer right now so I cannot with 100% accuracy tell you the full path, sorry).

Perhaps you will find something in those folders to help troubleshoot further.


Never knew that bit of information. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’m going to look into the EXT4 file system some more since it is the same file system I am about to be switching to. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.


Thank you for your reply ReArmedHalo,

Seems I found the reason.
Also, seems I stilll learn basic stuff everyday :slight_smile:

Valid for ext4 fs:
“Each directory entry uses up some space in the form of inodes, which are calculated against the directory’s size. It doesn’t consume any space on the disk, since the inodes are marked as usable again when the files are removed, but the directory will still retain its maximum “size” in ls output.”

It seems I have to manually remove the folder and create it again to “fix” it.

I understand now that the folder does not actually occupy space, but it troubles me when a user reports he/she had some emails in the Inbox and the messages never arrived in her computer.
When I check with Virtualmin I can see that the user’s 'Mail size" is several MB, making me think some crazy email went AWOL. 99.99 of the time the said email has already been received or has been rejected.
Of course, one can check the logs, but a simple peak at the “mail size” column should indicate if a user has new email or not and not create any confusion.
This can also lead to problems for users with a space limited account (in the long run).
For my users, this is not a problem, having “unlimited” space.

Still checking for a permanent “solution”.