Mail Size not showing..

I run a few Virtualmin servers, and I just move 400 sites from one server to a new server. After the move…
In the “Edit Mail and FTP Users” the list of boxes had a “Mail Size” list that was clickable to view the mail boxed,
That is missing now on the new server. And I don’t have a clue when to look for the fix. It must be a setting on the new install… But Where ?


Hmm… I don’t know of a way to do what you’re asking from “Edit Mail and FTP Users”, but if you click a particular username from that screen, you’ll see additional info about that user, including how much space they’re using up.

Also, from that screen, you can click “Login to Usermin” to view their mailbox.

What that do what you’re after?


I know it is strange to even explain… The top of the image is from one server that has the line that is not on the bottom…


Check out System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> User Interface Settings, option “Show mailbox size in users list”. :slight_smile:

Yes, the VMin functions are a-plenty, and it’s not easy to remember where they are. Hint: There is a “Search” function on the bottom of the sidebar. Has helped me find certain options quite some times already. :slight_smile:


I knew it was some place… That is one of the last issues… moving 400 live sites without anyone noticing, was fun… 3-hrs just to do the backups…

Thanks Again…!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: