Mail Server set up

Hi, I’ve just switched to using Webmin from Centos Web Panel. I’m trying to set up the Outgoing Mail Server in Vtiger 7 and for some reason it’s not allowing me. I tried using,,, Host name at and nothing seems to work. I can accept incoming email. I sent a test email from Webmin and it reached it’s destination but, I can’t figure out where is coming from. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?.

Hello @ilouie and welcome to the community.

We were very recently discussing a related issue and that might point you in the right direction.

Unlike CWP, Virtualmin does not configure pop3, smtp and imap sub-domains. For all protocols, mail.domain.tld does the trick if you are using the very latest version of Virtualmin and Postfix, else use mail.hostname.tld for incoming and outgoing server.

Thank you. I’ll try that. For now I’m having issues with installing SSL to the hostname. This is a wonderful panel, but a bit complicated.

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