Mail Server and ssl and loggin in and stuff

I have five virtual domains and growing but cannot get email working on any. I posted another issue here regarding that
I got one step closer however.
I installed certbot and setup a chrontab job for it as per instructions found here on this site. I had to add a -n switch in the command to run non interactively but then successfully got a cert and installed it to /home/domain/ssl_certificates in each domain.
I then went into apache server configuration and pointed to the new cert for each virtual server in webmin.
I tested email and could not connect.
I then went into the ssl configuration setting in virtualmin for the first domain to test and pointed the virtualdomain to the cert and key installed to it’s /home/domain/ssl_certificates directory.
I copied this cert and key configuration to webmin, dovecot, postfix and then retested email
This time for my test virtualdomain and test user I could connect after monkeying with server settings in thunderbird and set the user to user.domain for both servers.

Then thing is now I cannot send or recieve email out of the account. I get the same error in both directions:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fea1:2613].

The error that the other server returned was:
554 5.7.1 user@domain: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

No that is not the user or domain I am using.
I reset the password for the account so that it is known to be good and went through all the simple stuff, it’s server related and it appears to be postfix (?)

I have set up dovecot and postfix manually for single domains in the past. I have never had to monkey around with it this much in virtualmin, it just worked.

I really need to get this worked out and I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Seems this should have worked out of the box with the snakeoil cert and key for each vdomain i set up but it is not.

BTW, this is debian 8 I used to use centOS with virtualmin.

This is the last step until I can just set it and forget it! Gotta make that money!

I repeated the obove procedure for another domain and them began to get a cert error for the user i set up in the first domain

… it does work out of the box on debian. there is nothing like linux nuts pro services but as you saying pro… feel free to hire paid support from virtualmin guys or from freelancers like me :slight_smile:

  • bey.

I think most people are content to just use the same postfix server address for all virtual domain smtp services but it won’t work for my customer base. I am working this out with let’s encrypt. It’s a SAN cert I am after and yes if I am getting paid, I am a professional. Dovecot does support SNI. It’s a custom config though. Ill probably spin up a second vps for mail only. I can set this up manually. I am thinking though that in the end this is something the virtualmin people might like to know about.