Mail sending error

OS type and version CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

Hello dear friends,
This is my first time using Virtualmin. I installed it yesterday.
When I try to send an e-mail, I get the following error.
I couldn’t find a solution on the internet. All required ports are open.
I can receive e-mail from outside. But when I try to send it I get the following error.
Can you help me on this issue please?

How did you install Virtualmin? It seems to be missing perl modules. I’d rerun the configuration check.

@ID10T First of all, thank you for your answer.

I installed VirtualMin as Automated installation.

Also, when I tried to recheck the configuration you specified, the problem was not resolved.

The result of Check configuration again is “your system is ready to use Virtualmin”

I think I’m going crazy :crazy_face:

OK. I’m not a Centos expert, but that seems to be EOL next month? Why did you choose that? If this is a new install, I’d suggest starting over with Rocky or Alma linux. New version. |

Why chase a problem on an OS you shouldn’t have used?

But, this is the package you probably are looking for:

I think we’re talking off topic? What do you recommend, which operating system should I use? In the installation guide, it was written that centos 7 should be used as centos. I might have misunderstood. As I mentioned, I am a newbie to Virtualmin.
Thank you for your response. I apologize if my tone is wrong. I’m just trying to learn.
I will try the package you mentioned.

I installed the package you specified. The error detail is as follows. What is your comment?

Yes, it is supported, but, it is not recommended anymore.

“CentOS and RHEL 7 on x86_64 (no longer recommended)”

RedHat took over CentOS and basically killed it. They turned it into a rolling distribution.

So basically you are chasing a problem on an OS that will be EOL in one month on a system you won’t be able to upgrade. BIG waste of time.

I have NO clue on why all server ports would report as busy. That’s kinda strange on a new install. But, like I said, not really worth the time to chase the problem.

I’m not trying to be difficult here. You missed or ignored the ‘not recommended’ and got off to a bad start. This is the time to bail on it before you get too much time invested.

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Thank you for your help. Yes, I missed the “not recommended” detail.

Is there a video etc. that you can recommend for correct installation?

I will install Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and try again.

Additionally, I am waiting for the answers of friends who can suggest a different solution to the problem.

Up to date OS and use the install script. Really nothing more to it than that.

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The Perl module error is a red herring; it only determines how well it works with HTML mail. It is not the reason it failed (it’s wrapped in eval, so it fails without breaking anything).

The real error is the one outside the box. “SMTP command failed: 421 4.3.2 All server ports are busy”

You should just read the download page. It’s one page. There’s almost nowhere to make a mistake. Start with a freshly installed recent OS from our Grade A supported list, and run the install script on it.

If you’ll be hosting mail on the server, don’t name it the same as a name you’ll be hosting mail for (e.g. if I were installing a system that was hosting mail for example.tld in Virtualmin, I should not name the system example.tld, I could name it something like srv1.example.tld). That’s the only thing that’s tricky for some folks (and I don’t know why that’s so tricky…there are literally infinite names other than the ones being used for hosting mail, just pick literally any other name for the system hostname).

You definitely should not be installing new systems today with an operating system that is a decade old. It’s absolutely crazy to do so. CentOS 7 will reach end of life very soon. If you want a RHEL-compatible OS that’s also free, choose Rocky or Alma, and 9 is the current release.