Mail Secure Authentication

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I have a little question. I was able to get STARTTLS and SSL/TLS ports working by copying the certs to dovecot and postfix, and then uncommenting the 6 lines in

Now I can send and recieve mail securely… at least I think so.

However I am noticing in the logs that it says: sasl_method=PLAIN

Does this mean it isn’t secure? Does this mean the password and username is being passed in plain text? If so, how do I enable secure authentication? Right now I can set it to use SSL/TLS on port 465 and send and it works once I confirm the cert warning. However, I can’t check Use secure authentication or it says the server doesn’t support secure authentication.

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You should be able to tell your client to always use SSL or TLS, and not fallback to a plaintext protocol.

If you have that setup, then you’re good! Regardless of how the password itself is passed through, so long as it’s used within that SSL/TLS tunnel that your email client uses, you should be in good shape.


Thanks Eric!

I think I am ok then because I’m using Thunderbird and in the config editor everything that says plain says false. It still comes up saying PLAIN in the logs but if I understand what you are saying correctly its being sent through SSL/TLS to the server so I don’t have to worry.

I don’t know about Outlook though since thats actually what the clients are using on their server but I guess thats something they will have to worry about.

Thanks again =)