mail quotas are stuck

We’re developing a problem with mail quotas. Apparently, as the user approaches his quota that figure is being incremented but not zeroed out when the mailbox is emptied. THis is causing users to be unable to access their accounts. A number of clients show the quota in red yet the mail size indicates significantly smaller.

Is this holding on to queued bounces and spam tossed or what. I’ve increased the quota on some only to find it maxed again as the quota used value continues to increase. Where else might this amount be hiding? THis has only been obvious only the last few months. Only deleting the account will clear it.

I’ve checked user’s usermin and there aren’t saved files, sent emails or folder set up.

I disabled quotas and still find the quotas on the users list for any given account. Many of these still have quotas maxed when the mailbox is nearly empty. When I increased the users quota (by as much as 100Meg) it was still maxed out by days end. When I rebooted the server the disk returned with quotas enabled again.

I checked the home directory and the Bayes and other directories were a fair amount of the original users quota but didn’t grow persay to match the increase in quota limit. If this is in a cache, then how would I clear it. I note that I’m only seeing this on one box so far, but it is the one with the highest mail traffic.

Eventually righted itself after checking quotas a couple times.