Mail quota

Is there a why to have a connection between the e-mail quota and the total quota setup for a domain?

I am going to assign to a domain 5 Gb of space and this is ok. But if I have mail users for this domains each e-mail box is having his own quota independent of the domain quota. I want to limit the e-mail account space to the available quota of the virtual server. Is this possible for the GPL version of Virtualmin?


When you set a quota for the Virtual Server – that means that server (and all users in it) may never exceed that much disk space.

So even if you setup a particular email user with a quota, that entire domain is still limited to the domain-wide quota.

No matter how much space your email users are using, their total usage may never exceed the domain’s quota.

Does that answer your question?


Is perfect I was not aware of this feature because when setting up the email it lets me set up a higher quota than the one that is setup for the entire domain. Thanks for the info.