Mail not showing up after using Read Mail.


I’ve noticed some odd behaviour with mail delivery after i used webmins ‘read mail’ server to delete all mails from a users mailbox.

My setup:
Fedora Core 9

I use Virtualmin to add new users to a virtual host, which creates two entries in users and groups (e.g. and This will also setup the users e-mail address.

After sending some testmails to the users e-mail address, i decided to delete all the mails I sent to the users mailbox. After that mails are delivered to only and don’t show up in the users mailbox The user also can’t see them in his mail client.

The mails are however delivered and can be seen at (/var/mail/tj-example), but that mailbox is not accessable by the user.

Is this correct behaviour? If so, can someone explain it too me.

Thanks, TJ.

Switch to Maildir format mail spools. Using @ int he username results in clunky behavior with old mbox style mail spools.

But, I should mention this isn’t actually correct behavior…but I’m not sure if we could make it behave correctly, even if we wanted to–@ in usernames is a hack to start with (and a bad idea, for a handful of reasons). But, because there is no reason to use mbox spools, I always just tell folks to use Maildir.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I just need to figure out how-to migrate the current mailboxes to maildirs. Does anyone have a guide for this?


I just moved all mailbox accounts to the maildir format. For a good how-to (the one I used) see:

Regards and thanks, TJ.

Sweet! Thanks for the update. The Rimu guys are awesome, aren’t they? Great docs all over the place. I’m happy they’re one of our providers. :wink: