question ( easy nobrainer )

This is really a simple question.

I’m using mail. aliases for the mail server
So each time I add a website it creates the mail server

So why is it when I type mail.$

It says server not found.

When I set up email in thunderbird it also says the same.

Even if the Postfix is not configured correctly it should find the mail server right?

What do the nameservers for your domain point to? If the domain’s nameservers don’t point to your Virtualmin server, it may not have the mail.domain.tld name setup for it. You could of course manually setup that address at whatever nameserver it’s using.


that fixed that.

It is found in the browser, and goes to the default hostname site.

But thunderbird still has problems.

I’ve been on this for 4 days. Is it always this hard to fix email?

I’ve set all processes in Postfix to not chroot.
I’ve set SSL/TLS to yes.

I’ve set the virtual_maps and did not set any relay_domains parameter.

I’ve run the Check Configuration utility. Returns good.

I’ve set up Dovecot. That was easy.

I’ve been following the error logs and tracing errors and fixing each one.

Now it doesn’t throw errors. But cannot connect or is smtp is wrong.

And also if points to @ which is the same as my IP

Then why do I put in Postfix

I’ve read books at the library about setting up virtual domains.
So I don’t want to use any local settings with mydestination.

I’m trying to follow this format here

It did not work on the first run with the domain and IP change.

So I did some small adjusting.

But now I’m stuck. Not sure what to test for next.

Doesn’t Webmin build the virtual list with postmap?

I’m using the virtual map path they have in webmin.