Mail & FTP Users Import Question


I recently had to restore one of my websites from a backup but now when I look at the FTP Users for the domain that I restored there are no users listed.

If I try and re-create the user I get the following error:

Failed to save mailbox : Home directory /home/blah…/blah already exists

The mail boxes etc… are all working fine but I am unable to administer the current users.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can re-import the users for this domain into the FTP Users part of virtualmin?



One thing that might help is restoring the backup again, and setting “Just re-import server details?” under “Other restore options” to “Yes”. (This is just a guess though, I haven’t tried that yet.)

Another possible help is “Import virtual server” under “Add server”. That function is meant for your kind of problem: Import existing server objects and put it under Virtualmin control. Can even be used after deleting a domain when setting the “only release from VM control” option.