Mail forwarding settings in Usermin not reflected in Virtualmin

Hi guys,
i have made mention of this before.

If a user goes to Usermin>Mail>Mail Forwarding and Replies,
sets Forward to other address? to “yes” and enters a forwarding email address,
then saves it, I am not seeing this change in my virtualmin administrator dashboard!

Can someone confirm that changes by users in virtualmin for mail forwarding are not showing up in Virtualmin?

If I am not the only one with this problem, it needs to be urgently fixed! I have clients grumbling at me that email forwarding is happening and they dont know how to stop it. When i look at the forwarding settings from virtualmin i cannot see any forwarding. However, when i logged into the clients own usermin account, imagine my surprise when i see email forwarding is enabled!

I appreciate that users should know how to do this themselves, however, as an administrator I am relying on the accuracy of virtualmin control panel. i feel like a complete twit after telling them that from virtualmin i cannot see any forwarding has been setup on the server!


Well, Virtualmin uses /etc/aliases to create forwarding rules and Usermin uses ~/.forward file. I am not sure, if that is really possible to have them in sync @Jamie.

Maybe Virtualmin could also check for user rules and add them as a separate textbox on UI?

When editing a user in Virtualmin, there should be a separate tab for user-configured mail forwarding that you can view (but not edit).

I think whatever you guys do, Virtualmin admin area forwarding should reflect what users have done in Usermin. Its important so that us administrators dont make an ass of ourselves because we have to actually log into a usermin account to see if in fact a user has forwarding rules setup!