Mail folders sync problem

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.5
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1

Hello all

I moved a mailbox backup to the maildir folder a few days ago. Only now I have the problem that I can’t see the folders in my Outlook for Desktop but in Outlook for Mobile I can see the folders.

Is this problem known?

I was able to solve the above problem but now I have the following problem: when I want to archive or delete a mail on mobile, it comes back to the inbox a few seconds after. Reinstalling the app does not help.

first guess, its a mail client (=outlook) problem because it’s just so buggy and crappy… maybe you should try a better email client like Thunderbird, see if those problems apply there too…

another possible issue/solution, check restored files/folders user permissions… if/when permissions seem ok, run doveadm force-resync -u $email and restart dovecot just in case.


I have tested the permissions and everything seems fine even after rebooting etc. I also have the problem with new mails but have the problem only with Outlook Mobile, with Outlook on Desktop I don’t have the problem. On Outlook Mobile I have the problem only with my mailbox that I host myself via Virtualmin.

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