Mail folder name of usermin under virtualmin

Hi all,

Anybody has tried to modify the mail folder name of usermin under virtualmin at the access path of usermin’s preference -> mail folders -> send mail / trash / drafts folder name. After I amend the folder name, it is still not effect.

Eric Lee

Hmm, well, that should certainly work!

On that same screen, what is the “Mailboxes directory under home directory” option set to? (it’s Maildir by default)

The “Mailboxes directory under home directory” is set to Maildir.

Problem 1:
I have a folder name “Sent Items” on usermin and shows on left frame, Then I set it as “Sent mail folder name” at mail folders preference. Afterthat the folder “Sent Items” will be disappeared on left frame. Even it can’t work really as mail backup of successfully outgoing email folder.

Problem 2:
Let’s say I create folder “Test” on usermin. I set the folder “Yes” on “Hide from folder menu” of “Mail folder details”. However, the folder “Test” is still shown on left frame.