mail delivery and order of spam checking

I have one user that wants his incoming email delivered both locally and forwarded to his yahoo account. He would also like spam checking to take place on the incoming email before it is delivered locally and forwarded to his yahoo account.

Currently, all locally delivered email has all of the X-Spam headers that I would expect, so I’m happy with everything that is delivered locally to the server. However, the headers in the email that yahoo gets has none at all, which makes me feel that the email is forwarded before being examined.

Is there anyone out there that is successfully doing this?

I am configuring it via the virtualmin interface:

Edit Mailbox
Mail forwarding settings
Basic Mode
Deliver to this user normally is checked
Forward to other addresses is checked and a yahoo address is specified


Carl, were you ever able to figure out a solution for this? I am finding the same need and have yet to find a solution.


If you setup forwarding by setting up a rule from within Usermin – I believe that would cause your message to first be spam/virus checked, and then forwarded to the remote destination.

You can setup forwarding from within the Virtualmin panel, but doing so there would cause it to be done in such a way that the forwarding would occur before being scanned.


Quite fitting that this topic should be brought back from the dead just now. :wink:

We just had a little “discussion” (well, rather an exchange of thoughts) about this on the issue tracker.

Eric got it nailed down there, I’d just like to add the note that IF users are allowed to setup forwardings in Usermin, they must make sure the forwarded mails are not being rejected by the destination - that can result in bounce loops, since Postfix will generate a non-deliverable report to the original recipient, which in turn will get forwarded again, possibly rejected again (especially if it was spam that slipped through the local scanning but was caught by the destination), and so forth.