Mail client auto-configuration // Outlook 2010

hi @all!

has someone tested the new module “mail client auto-configuration” in 4.03?

if I add in the autoconfig.cgi:


AND the domain of the tested virtual server has a valid ssl certificate on port 443 everything works fine.
but if I try it with another virtual server on the same machine this procedure fails. it makes no difference if I install a root ssl certificate. it seems outlook doesn’t accept it for the first connection.
error message from outlook is: no encrypted connection available…use uncrypted? if i choose yes, it seems outlook doesn’t find the autoconfig.cgi on this domain. an email account is being created but the configuration details are incorrect and come not from the autoconfig.cgi


debian 7 64bit
Outlook 2010

I am also interested, unfortunately making a comment is the only way I know to subscribe to this topic. Sorry for not being much help.