Mail client able to receive mail, but not able to connect to outgoing mail


I install virtualmin GPL with centos 5.3 and ubuntu 8.04. But, I am having issues with connecting outgoing mailserver with my email client, however able to receive income messages.

I have tested it on usermin and able to send/receive mail successfully.

My settings is as following:


Incoming mail
user: test.domain1
password: (user password)

Outgoing mail
user: test.domain1
password: (user password)
SSL : enabled
(* The outgoing mail server check failed)

I have check saslauthd, the daemon is running. I saw a lot of forum topics regarding this issues. But, I didn’t manage to get it solved by myself.



First, I’d make sure that your ISP isn’t blocking SMTP access, many do these days.

You may want to look in the mail logs, in /var/log/mail.log, and see what sorts of messages show up in there.


My server has the sam eproblem, here is my mail log:

Nov 5 17:03:11 Debian-50-lenny-64-LAMP postfix/smtpd[12959]: warning: restriction permit_mx_backup' after check_relay_domains’ is ignored

So what is it about and how to fix it, please?