Mail and SpamAssassin are Working Great (Virtualmin on Rocky)

OS type and version Rocky Linux 8.6
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1 Pro
Related packages Postfix, SpamAssassin

I really have to give y’all credit for the mail configuration on 7.1. It’s perfect.

I moved the site that I use for personal email over today. There’s nothing on the Web page except some political memes. Today’s test was of the mail. I get a ginormous amount of email, and about 90 percent of it as spam.

The ONLY thing I touched regarding the mail has been to add some custom rules in SpamAssassin, and create some forwarding filters in Usermin. Otherwise, it’s stock, and it works perfectly.

I also haven’t received any spam since I moved the site this morning, I guess at about 8:30. To my knowledge, there have been no falsies either. Everything that usually comes in at a certain time has come in.

I’m in my happy place.


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