Lost User Login Access

I have a User in Webmin/System/Users and Groups which I was using to Login to Webmin/Virtualmin on mydomain.com:10000. That user had Master Admin access on Virtualmin. I verified the user is still a Sudo user. I verified with a terminal login and WinSCP login that the password is accurate. However I can no longer login to mydomain.com:10000 using that user. I checked Webmin/Webmin/Webmin Users and the user is not listed there which is probably the problem. I would like to restore that user’s access but since the user already exists in Webmin/System/Users and Groups will creating it in Webmin Users cause a conflict? Am I on the right track?

Another question: If I set the root user to “No Login Allowed” in Users and Groups will root still be able to login to Webmin?

System users and Webmin users are generally separate, so creating a Webmin user by that name should not be a problem.

As for the “No login allowed”: I think it should still be able to login to Webmin, yes, since the no login thing only applies to the shell. I’m not 100% sure though, better try that out first with a non-root user.