Lost Password !

I got all the way through getting the Virtualmin Pro image running on Amazon EC2. Everything is working great!

EXCEPT that I blew it when I changed the Password through Webmin/Virtualmin. I screwed it up and I can no longer log in through Virtualmin.

I can still SSH to my Amazon instance, and I tried changing root’s password there but that does not seem to let me into VirtualMin

Any help?

I am a command line noob, That is why I want Virtualmin. Buty I did manage to get all EC2 tools installed and get the instance running using the command line, so I can follow instructions. But I have very little experience with the prompt.



Howdy Todd,

I’m not sure why that would happen…the default in Webmin should be to use your normal UNIX password for Webmin. But I guess it’s been changed from the default to using a Webmin-only password file. You can reset that password from the command line using the changepass.pl script in /usr/libexec/webmin. Run it without options for instructions. You’d do something like:

/usr/libexec/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin root newpass

Once done, and you’re able to login again…you’ll probably want to switch back to using the system password database. Find that in the Webmin:Webmin Configuration:Authentication page. You probably want “Use PAM for Unix authentication, if available” to be checked.

Thank You!