Lost Ip on every restart

I’ve several machines with Virtualmin.

On one with Debian 4.0 and VMPro on every restart the machine lost the config for 2 IP.

Machine has 4 IP.

eth0, eth0:1, eth0:2 y eth0:3

The interfaces eth0:2 and eth0:3 lost on every restart.

I’m lost with this problem.

Any help ?



When you set the IP address for eth0:2 and eth0:3, how are you doing that? What steps do you use to set the IP addresses?

Goto Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration

Click on eth0, and after click on Add virtual interface

Okay, cool.

Whenever you look on the Network Configuration page, there are two tabs – Active Now, and Activated on Boot.

After you add the interface, go into Activated on Boot, and verify that the "Activate at boot?" field is set to "Yes".


I’m stupid.

I dont see this… and every time put only at Activate now and now on Activate at boot…

Sorry and thanks