lookup-domain hangs, never returns

I’m trying to diagnose some problems on my server and I noticed that there were a bunch of lookup-domain <username> processes running. Since I’ve never seen those live for longer than a second or so I thought that might be a symptom or maybe a cause of the performance problem I am chasing. I tried restarting the the lookup-domain daemon (and also the while server later on) and then running “/etc/webmin/virtual-server/lookup-domain.pl robin” from the command-line and it just hangs there, and never exits.

The daemon itself seems to be working correctly because if I do "telnet 11000" and then type "robin" I see the response from the server with the ID, domain and such and then it closes the connection.

Has anybody seen this before, or know what could cause the lookup-domain client script to get stuck like this? My Perl is pretty rusty so I’ll probably miss something obvious when I dive into it…

Hmm… Nevermind. I see now that the client script is waiting to read a message size from stdin.<br><br>Post edited by: RobinDunn, at: 2009/03/25 16:20