Looking for web script for customer management


I’m looking for a web script (as in a simple free “ecommerce” software) with which I can manage my server users.

Rough description of what I’m currently doing in Excel: I’d like to note down who has to pay how much per month (split up in “hosting service” and “domain cost”), and in which intervals, and I’d like to get a list of who has to pay again in how many months, who is overdue etc. And maybe generate emails or invoices.

Does anyone have a suggestion what script I might have a look at? Thanks in advance!


Well, it sounds like you’re looking for billing software that understands recurring payments.

If you said you had a budget, I’d suggest taking a look at WHMCS (whmcs.com). It has built-in support for provisioning Virtualmin Virtual Servers, so as new accounts are added, it can automatically create them, using the appropriate Server Template and Account Plan based on what they’re paying.

You can even set it up so that users can browse to your site, select what hosting options they want, they can pay for their service, and it can set everything up on the spot for them.

It would send out your email invoices, and can disable accounts if folks don’t pay within N days.

It’s a nice system for $15 US a month.

If you’re looking for a free one though… I don’t have much experience with them, but here’s a blog post that briefly details 4 of them:


Hey Eric,

Yeah, billing/invoicing with recurring payments is exactly what I meant. Thanks for your suggestions, both sound nice! Especially the Vmin integration is surely cool, will check that out.

Free would be preferable, since I don’t make that much money with web hosting really (so far, anyway :slight_smile: ), but for a good service I’m sure willing to pay/invest work.