looking for a "school" for learning virtualmin, webmin in french !

i’m looking for a “school” for learning virtualmin, webmin in french !
A complète tutorial , or a online school,…something to learn :slight_smile: but in french language !
thank you friends

I can be interessing if i can find it in english but less that the french because my english is bad :slight_smile:
I can learn in english but with a lot of difficulties and very slowly because i need to translate all, that’s why i prefere if i cna find it in french.
Thank you again :slight_smile:

Lived in the Pyrenees for 16 years. Only words I knew when I arrived was to ask for a beer.

Fluent in French now and most other things regarding Linux web / email server and gui’s people use.

Support my soon retirement :slight_smile:

I only manage good honest people.


I don’t know if that’s what you’re after, but my tech guy, the one who installs my dedi and virtualmin for me, is French. If you wish, I can put you two in contact, just tell me if you want.

However, don’t expect him to teach you anything for free, he doesn’t run a charity, it’s his job, “infogérant”, and he does it well :wink: