Lease herlp regarding this issue:

i can install logwatch on my server but due to some reason i am not getting mail.

then in the logwatch.conf file i set mail to :-root

and then check but till it is not working .

can i check sendmail_path:- in the php.ini file and if it is this and which path is right .
i tried following path sendmail_path:-/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i


I’d verify that logwatch is indeed setup to run from cron.

Also, look in your log files, and find where cron is executing the logwatch script – you can verify that there aren’t any errors occurring at the time.

Lastly, I’d also make sure that you’re receiving emails being sent to the root user.

The sendmail_path won’t help, as that’s PHP specific, whereas logwatch isn’t a PHP app.