This is gonna sound like a stupid question but where do i login once ive created an account in virtualmin.
webmin has= :10000
usermin has= :2000
but i cant find where to login for virtualmin.


Hey Samuel,

Virtualmin is Webmin (or a part of it–a big part by the time you’re running the Virtualmin theme and have all of the plugins installed). Login as a domain account holder, and you’ll see just the bits you ought to see for that account.

Webmin is for administrative functions, whether performed by a virtual server account holder or a root-level administrator. Usermin is for user-level functions (and the virtual server account holder could also use Usermin if they use that account to receive mail).

Oh, yeah, I’ll assume you meant 20000 for Usermin, but just in case anyone who doesn’t know where to find Usermin reads this thread: Usermin lives on 20000, not 2000.

Thanks - that was my typo :stuck_out_tongue: The other thing is im trying to configure Disk Quotas in Disk and Network File System but i keep getting this error every time i try to add a mount:

Failed to save mount : Mount failed :

mount: /home is not a block device

Any ideas?

/home was never created as a partition.