logo in virtualmin 3.57gpl

Hi all,

How can I insert the logo of our hosting service in webmin/virtualmin/usermin theme?
I am using virtualmin 3.57gpl.

Thank you very much

virtualmin-system settings-module config-
userinterface settings.

you can put the img url there.
i believe it is in the documentation also

I don’t see this field on user interface settings in Module Config.
I have only these:
Maximum number of domains to display
Maximum domain name length to display
Show server features on main page?
Show disk usage on main page?
Show mailbox size in users list?
Allow editing of options from template when creating server?
Sort virtual servers by
Allow selection of different group for server admins?
Show new features to

thanks ronald

ah I didn’t pay attention.
It is not possible in the GPL version.

The Pro version has this and resellers can add their own logo.

Not possible in the GPL version.