login with just username

Hello all,

I searched the documentation and forums and couldn’t find what I need. I hope I can ask this right and avoid confusion. I need to migrate away from an old Windows based pop3 server, and hope to migrate over to my virtualmin install.

Right now users log in using just a username like “barney” and it may map to “barney@bedrock.com” or the user’s email address might be “rubble@bedrock.com” instead.

The short question is, can I setup a virtual domain that will accept just this username form for login?

I’m also fine if I have to dedicate a box for this purpose (because of the nature of what may need to be done). I’m really looking for what does and does not work in this situation.

Thanks for any help,



There isn’t actually a way to do that from within Virtualmin. Using Virtualmin, if you create an email user, it has to have the domain associated with it (such as user@domain.tld or user.domain).

However, if you were to create users outside of Virtualmin’s control (such as from the command line), you can always use Virtualmin to create an email alias that points to that user.

So if you created the user “foo” from the command line, you could then setup an email alias in Virtualmin who sends all of it’s email to that user “foo”.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll experiment with that and see if I can make it work!