"Login to Usermin" function invocing IP address not per-user domain name

Minor feature issue:

When clicking on “Login To Usermin” from user details/edit user panel, the domain name is correct in the redirect request link, but when it makes the round trip as a redirect, it comes back as the IP address and not the per-user domain name.

The result is a failed certificate check.

How can this be set, or feature-removed before launch?

It might be a DNS issue for a domain. What is the actual domain name that gets a wrong redirect to an IP address? Have you tried doing it in another browser with incognito tab to avoid possible cache issues?

This is still happening, its on the list of final things to do.

If I click on “log into usermin” from either the root user or from any domain owner, the domain name shows up correctly when the window opens, then redirects to the IP address by number only.

Domain owners see their own name briefly, then it “blinks” out and is replaced by a redirect to the IP.

This happens on all domains, main and virtual hosted.

If security is set to allow the certificate to display the IP based virtualmin in browser, all login data is lost. The user is prompted for username and password.

Where should I start looking?

Scratch this one off the list… mostly.

using the “Bind to IP address” feature in usermin configuration does not have the expected result.

It makes any “redirected” address forced to use the IP address.

I was expecting it to use it the way apache uses “listen” to limit the interfaces on which usermin can take requests.

Instead, it limits the URL/DOMAIN NAME to only being used if invoked directly at the location bar of the browser, while it redirects login requests from virtualmin to use only the IP address and nothing else.

For now, the setting has been changed back to “any address” and that has fixed the user interface problem, at the cost of server configuration.

It’s best to be able to limit any running port-listening app to a specific IP address, regardless of what Domain/URL it is responding to.

Is there any way inside the miniserv configuration to place an apache-like “listen” directive?

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