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Hello everybody,

I can’t connect to 192.168.0.x after i have changed the server’s ip from 192.168.0.x into the public ip 58.123.321.xxx can anyone tell me how to fix this ? Also i can’t access /webmail or /anything after i have changed the ip… i hope this solves it.

The 2’nd issue: when i send an email from the domain, it gets into the recipient’s spam folder … i don’t know why. My ip is dynamic and i use DynDns.com to resolve that issue (this might be the cause of it ???)

Thank you,

Where exactly can’t you connect after the IP change? Of course you need to connect to the IP you changed to. We need to know more about your system, what change exactly you made, what you tried afterwards and what happens, to answer this.

When emails get marked as spam, there’s usually a list of SpamAssassin rules that matched and that led to the classification as spam, in the email’s headers. The recipient might tell you these. A dynamic IP as email origin could well be the reason, many mail servers consider emails coming from dynamic dialup IPs suspicious at least.

Hello again,

Well this is embarasing :slight_smile:

i’ve managed to login to my virtualmin . it turned out i had an username other than root or admin.

But i still can’t access /webmail after the ip change.

As for the 2’nd problem… is there any way to fix that ?

1: What happens when you try to access /webmail? What’s recorded in the Apache error log?

2: Not unless the recipient tells you why your mail was evaluated as spam.

Not Found
The requested URL /webmail was not found on this server.

apparently nothing gets written in the apache log:

[Mon Aug 12 03:54:56 2013] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/casadolce/public_html/

I also just installed roundcube and it does not work: or the public_ip/roundcube or domain/roundcube
well nothing works after / apparently. The folders are created though …

The domain is casadolce.ro

External IP address - Same as real address ( but i changed that from <-- this can be the cause ?

i use DynDns … can this be the cause ?

As for the 2’nd problem (the email), ill jost open a new topic as others might be interested in this.


Well, there isn’t normally a /webmail/ directory unless you create one.

However, there should be a webmail.domain.tld alias that’s created.

What happens if you browse to http://webmail.domain.tld ?

Also, are you by chance on the same LAN as your server? That can create some weirdness, when NAT is in use.

What you may want to do is make sure that RoundCube is installed on your default domain (the same domain that is displayed when accessing


Hey Eric,

Yeah, the server and my main computer are on the same LAN.

webmail.domain.tld or webmail. give the same results… server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at webmail.casadolce.ro.

Virtualmin doesn’t create domains like “webmail.”, it wouldn’t make sense trying to reach those from the Internet, which is the main purpose of hosting websites. :wink:

It will create “webmail.domain.tld” if you don’t configure it otherwise.

Where exactly did you change the IP address of your server; did you change the actual IP of the network card? Or just the IP that your websites listen on?

virtual-server/edit_domain.cgi?dom=1376243206379 -> External IP address Same as real address

Okay, this is getting to a level of complexity that requires too much time to solve by “remote-guessing”. :slight_smile: Therefore I can offer you the following (I was going to link to another post I created, but that’s awaiting moderation :wink: ).

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