Login failed when logging in as not root

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04 Server
Virtualmin version 7.-1-1

When I attempt to login to Virtualmin with a user that is not root, then I always get the login failed error with the correct password. I have changed the password and it still doesn’t work, how do I fix this?

are you using a user that you created for a server?

Any user except for root user, including users created for virtual server yes

can they login at usermin, port 20000

P.S. I just created a test user, he can’t loging to port 10000, I say the only user allowed is root or Administration username as displayed in Virtual Server Summary

Yes. The user can login on Usermin, is it that only administration users can login to port 10000?

Looks like it, there is commands to create extra


Virtualmin/Webmin is an administrative tool. Regular users (usually managed in the Mail and FTP Users page in Virtualmin, found by clicking “Edit Users”) can use Usermin for reading mail, resetting passwords, and optionally a bunch of other stuff. Only the domain owner user can perform administrative tasks, though you can create other users with some administrative capabilities. (And some permissions can be granted to regular users, like editing databases. But that can be a little trickier.)

If you expect a virtual server owner to login to Webmin/Virtualmin (i.e. port 10000) then you should make sure that Webmin login enabled feature is turned on at virtual-server.name - Edit Virtual Server page.

Thanks everyone for the help!

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