log on on the hosted system


I’ve setted up a Dom0(Xen) and several Dom’s (Centos, Debian) on my machine. There is a possibility to say to Cloudmin that not log-on on the hosted system, becuse tje SSH logs are nearly useless on the hosted systems.

Say login not at all, just ping, or if this is possible adding a new cycle to login (say 1 day)

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my original resolved, see “http://www.virtualmin.com/node/13306

On the virtual machine i’ve setted up a non virtual network card (the real network card)

Can I change this, i.e. setting up a virtual card and deleting the real one?

Because i’ve seen:

" Yes, without SSH Cloudmin can’t gather info such as memory used, CPU load, disk used and so on.

Bandwidth stats can still be collected even without SSH access to the Xen instance - Cloudmin gets them from the vif interface byte counts on the host system. "

because my cloudmin cannot collect any data.