Log in to new install

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS REQUIRED
Virtualmin 7.3.1 REQUIRED

I just installed Webmin/Virtualmin on a new computer and haven’t created any virtual servers yet. I can log into webmin with the IP address, but I can’t figure out how to log in with just the host default domain. Does it have to be registered like the virtual servers?
On my old system I would just log in using one of my virtual server domain names. I don’t think I ever tried with the host default domain.

It has to resolve somehow if you want your browser to be able to find out the IP. That’s either DNS or adding it to your hosts file.

This is what’s recommended, in general, because most folks find it easier to get a Let’s Encrypt cert for a domain managed in Virtualmin (Webmin has the ability to request LE certs for itself, but it requires more knowledge from the user).

Thanks for your help!


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