Log files are eating up half of my disk space

access and error log files are eating up half of my disk space.
How can I clear my log files?



Well at least in the case of “error_logs” eating up lots of space, the best solution is to review them and correct the errors causing them to be logged.

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Is logrotate installed and working correctly? All logs in a Virtualmin system are supposed to be rotated regularly by the logrotate cron job. You’ll have a config file covering all Virtualmin created logs (like access and error logs for domains managed by Virtualmin) in /etc/logrotate.d/virtualmin.conf.

You can, of course, make it run more often and more aggressively, if disk space is at a premium and your logs grow rapidly due to high traffic.

Peter’s also right, you should check to be sure there isn’t some problem causing rapid log growth.

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