lock user in specified folder


it`s possible to lock one specified FTP user to only one directory of the web site root, but not sure how to do so, can someone help ?

BTW: I will NOT lock this user in his home directory, but another web directory on the server…

thank You



The most common way to handle this is to setup an FTP user with a given homedir that they’re allowed to upload files to… and then to lock that user into their homedir.

There’s details on doing that here:

There’s option options you could use though if that’s not what you want… you can see all the options in Limits and Validation -> FTP Directory Restrictions.


Hi Eric

thank You for reply.
Will check it, is it possible to allow login from only specified ip address FOR THIS USER ONLY ?
which means that this user for example can only log on to FTP server from …

I know that this can be done in the firewall, but in this case I will lock it down for all other users too.


just checked FTP Directory Restrictions as You mentioned in the previous post, but it`s not much to “lock” here :frowning: because every change I do here will affect all other users on specified virtual server and not only one user…