Location of Usermin maildircache files

I’m running usermin 1.250 on Debian 3.1. Usermin keeps creating cache files inside my user’s Maildir directories, which fools the courier IMAP server into advertising these as IMAP folders. Which they aren’t.

There has been a ticket some months ago mentioning that the cache file could be placed under the users ~/.usermin directory. How can I do that? I’ve searched, but didn’t find anything. Regards,

Christian Aust

That was my bug report, Bug #454:


Note that I was not able to convince Jamie to move this file out of the Maildir folder, because there was not enough evidence at the time that it interfered with IMAP servers. However, your message may change that. In the meantime, Jamie made the file hidden and renamed it to .usermin-maildircache to make it’s purpose more obvious. There is no option to move the file, because we both agreed it would rarely get used and only make things more complicated.

BTW, you can search the entire Virtualmin site, including the bug tracker and the forums, by doing a Google "site" search:


Hi Alan,

thanks for your reply. I’d tried to add a comment to that bug, but there’s no “append note” available (at least, for me). However, I don’t think this is just “cosmetically”, since I got quite some inquiries from my users asking about that strange folder they couldn’t activate nor delete in their IMAP clients.

To me, the file name makes perfect sense, but my users usually don’t know about neither usermin nor IMAP cache files (although they are sitting in front of it).

Could this =please= be an option to have it somewhere else? Courier subfolders start with a dot in their names as well, so this simply doesn’t help. Regards,


Yes, everyone agrees the bug-tracker here is less than ideal. Joe has tried to get it fixed several times so other people can contribute, but he hasn’t gotten any support from the application developers. Incidentally, anyone can post bug reports, but only the original poster (and Jamie and Joe) can comment once it has been opened. Joe is working on a new web site that will have a better bug tracker.

I have added a link back to this forum thread to the original bug though, so anyone reading it will see the comments here. I will also raise the severity level for you now. BTW, I am just a regular user like you. I don’t work for the company.

Previously, the file was originally just named “maildircache”, which to me was very confusing. I was trying to track it down for a long time and had no idea it came from Usermin. It didn’t turn up in any Google searches or even by looking at MTA and IMAP server source code. That’s why I pushed for the new name.

As for moving it, my preference would be to move it for everyone, not to have another option in Usermin. I don’t see any benefit to keeping it in the Maildir directory, and since it is a file that only Usermin uses, I think it doesn’t belong there. Maybe Jamie (the developer) will agree now that it is causing problems for someone else (you).


Since that maildircache file seems to be rather annoying, I will move it to ~/.usermin/mailbox/maildircache in the next Usermin and Webmin releases…

Thanks Jamie!

Team, I’ve noticed the .usermin folder starting to show up in new virtual domain creation.

Can I remove safely?