Location for HTML auth file to fix Google's harmful content blocker

Our virtualmin server/domain has become flagged by Google’s harmful/malicious content blocker. It says one of our virtualmin hosted pages links to malicious content but it is not telling us exactly which page or link is deemed malicious. Apparently Google’s webmaster tools should tell me this but I have yet to get it to accept my authentication file and so I still don’t know the exact issue.

Google requires that I upload a HTML page to my webmin/vmin site so I tried uploading Googles auth HTML file to /usr/share/webmin on our virtualmin server but Google didn’t like that. Where should I upload the auth file if the whole server/domain is getting malicious content warnings?


When uploading a Google verification file, something like “2342rwefsfs5345dr34.html”, you upload this the root of your “website” not Webmin. Google will periodically check for this file and when it finds it, it’ll authorize you.