Localization Virtualmin

OS type and version: Debian Buster 10.11
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.0


Where can I find the current documentation for localization?



We currently use automation to add new languages to Virtualmin, which are all based on default en file. Automatically translated strings are put into .auto file. Afterwards, automatically translated strings are reviewed by a human, and moved from .auto file to a standard language file.

What language are you interested in adding to Virtualmin? Is this Slovenčina (sk) language?

Yes, it’s Slovak language.

Alright, I have added complete (about 7.5k lines) Slovak auto-translations. The translated sk.auto file is in sync with en line by line (including new lines). If we see the interest around it, we will add translations to help/ files as well.

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