lists.lists Mailman mailing list naming problem

I’m having what seems like an odd problem. I have a domain (aka Hack Montgomery) in Virtualmin. hackMGM is a community tech group that helps the local city and its constituents get more use out of city services through innovative use of tech. I’ve created a sub-domain When I enable the feature “Mailman mailing lists” for my subdomain, it creates a mailing list, but for the wrong name. The mailing list created is What in the world is going on there? Why the double “lists” name?

In the Webmin module “Virtualmin Mailman Mailing Lists” there is a “Module Config.” There are several options, but none of them have popup tips to educate what effects each option has. Does anyone know if there is additional documentation for this module’s config?

I fear I’ll have to delve into the source files for webmin/virtulamin to figure this problem out.