list quotas of all servers (command line)


I am looking for an option to access the quotas of all servers at the command line.
In fact, exactly the output that “Virtualmin -> System Information -> Quotas” shows, but of all servers (not only the top ten) and in a machine-readable format (ideal world) at the command line.

Standard Linux/UNIX commands such as repquota and quota do not include data such as databases (because they are not associated to the user) and do not match with the figures shown in virtualmin.

Any suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated :slight_smile:


You can list the data for all your domains by running this command:

virtualmin list-domains --multiline --toplevel

That’ll give you a lot more info than just the quotas, but you can filter just the information you need on the command line using tools like grep or sed.


That’s perfectly fine! That’s all I was looking for - perfect.
Many thanks for your feedback. grep, sed, awk and friends will do the rest :wink: