Link to new forums not working on main website


  • finally superb forums! Huraaah :star_struck:

btw sso works however link to forums in main are still pointed to old forums where when you log in give you access denied (see the screenshot) and no redirect happening… it could be confusing for some users… perhaps correct links in main menu on website? :slight_smile:

Thanks for good forum platforms!

As with all things Drupal, something always has to go wrong. This happens when visitors aren’t logged in to and they go to the new forums and try to login from there. I don’t know how to fix it yet.

It’s not redirecting back to the old forum, it’s just failing to redirect back to the new forum after login. It seems to be a bug in the Drupal Discourse plugin, but it’s also plausible I’ve made a mistake in the configuration of it or in Discourse (but, there’s only two options in the Drupal plugin, I don’t know how I could get it wrong).

I’m still trying to figure it out. But, for now, just clicking “Forums” again after logging in at will take you to the right place and you’ll be logged in.

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@Joe I would suggest to setup on mine site and menu directly new login for forums and leave old forums frozen. That way no one would be able to log into old forums and even if they would so I would just hard code message right on login page and after login page that this forums are not in use with direct link to new forums (perhaps somewhere in header of forums). You would also not loose any google thingy as users would be still able to access old forums for reading it but when click on login it will push them here.

And please don’t go back to drupal.

Drupal is the SSO provider in our setup. Drupal still provides our ecommerce and issue tracker. There is no way to just leave it behind (yet). Drupal isn’t just the old forums…it’s the old everything. And, until the rest of everything has been moved out of Drupal into something else, it has to remain.

There is no plan to (ever) go back to Drupal once we escape it, but we haven’t left it yet.

Oh I see, well I understand it now.