Link external domain to virtual server

Imagine that I’ve created a new virtual server that is called “” and I’ve bought this domain “”.

I’ve developed an html/css template and for each virtual server, I’ve got specific information (for example address, city, telephone number) that I’ve saved in the db.

Now: I’d like that if a user type the “right” domain, he will see the template and the information of i1 databases. I can modify the template without problems (for example, I can detect the url and make an association. If the url is asuperdomain , the db will be i1), but how I can configure Virtualmin for that?

I don’t want to clone the template for each “new domain”. Hoping that I’m clear :smiley:

If I understand what you’re asking for, it sounds like you should just make them all aliases of the same domain. Then your app makes the decision about what data to inject into the template based on domain name.