AWBS has this to say:

Note: AWBS cannot provision VM accounts if AWBS and VM reside on the same server (This is due to Virtualmin code, not AWBS limitations.).

What is this that they are talking about?

Resident AWBS hack here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

THat statement came about when I was hacking on them to get their engine to work with the VMPro API. It turns out their engine was making a couple illegal calls and had nothing to do with the machine. Essentially at the time I wasn’t able to provision on the same box that AWBS was on and had to install it on it’s own box ( still with VM though). I subsequently tried it out on the same box and was even able to run two separate copies of AWBS on the same box, so it’s cool. So now, I’m hoping, when things settle down on VM DEV that J&J will revisit the notion of letting reseller accounts created in VM use the API so that AWBS will work letting resellers have their own copy of AWBS to create and bill accounts…Coolness.

Hope that helps,

Dont meant to dig up the past,

but is this related to reseller accounts only? does this problem still exist?

I’m looking at getting AWBS or ClientExec…

Cheers in Advance.

Tim Brookman

Hey swat2,

AWBS works fine for all apps after I hammered them to use the VM API correctly. Reseller would work too if it had API permissions, but there are security issues that need to be covered to keep the reseller from taking control of the box. In short, yep, we use AWBS here, and it’s pretty inexpensive for what you get.