Limit Database User to 1 Database

I have a virtualmin server with a number of domains. I want to setup a database that is limited to just one user. It’s easy to create the database and it’s easy to create a database user. But I can’t seem to google my way out of how to limit that one user to that one database.

The reason I want to do this is outside developers will be working on that database and I don’t want them to have access to anything else.

Are you using the Virtualmin or Webmin functions to create the database and user?

I’ve been using the Virtualmin functions. Nothing is live right now so I can do it from either interface. If it matters the database will be used for a WordPress site.

Okay, in Virtualmin you can create users inside a virtual server, which can then be assigned database access in the “Other user permissions” section. The user will then have access to just that one database.

(Note though that the virtual server owner account always has access to the databases created for that virtual server, in addition to any users which you manually assign.)

Would that be what you’re trying to achieve?

Thanks, that is just what I needed. The outside developers can get to the site and database that I want them to, but they are denied access to everything else.